Our Vision & Philosophy

LaRue Architects is a design oriented architecture firm located in Austin, Texas. Our firm of talented and diverse professionals has brought their experiences, education, and interests to a design intensive environment. Our focus at LaRue Architects is to create residences that are custom, responsive, and sustainable. Our clients will find that the design process is very interactive and practical, while remaining highly creative, versatile and engaging.

Our team of architects aim to reflect the sustainable and progressive spirit of Austin in the design of our homes. Our commitment begins at the site so we immediately embrace the notion that the building is an extension of its surroundings and reflects the character of its occupants. We at LaRue Architects believe that the greater the challenge, the greater the opportunity for an imaginative, ingenious, and ethical architectural response. With over 400 residences and offices completed, LaRue Architects brings extensive experience and expertise to every project.

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